Will I get a copy of the presentation when I attend the Workshop?

The PowerPoint Presentation will be available for download in both the live and recorded versions of the Workshop.

What is your refund policy?

Our customer’s satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  To obtain a no questions asked refund,  contact us and we will process your refund within 72 hours.

Can my spouse or business partner take the class with me?


Absolutely.  Each registrant will receive only one unique link for the Workshop, but anyone can sit through the Workshop with you.  Just be sure they help you with the homework as well :)

Do you provide continued support after I have completed a Workshop?

We welcome your emails or calls with questions that fall within the scope of the Workshop you attended.  For additional support outside the scope of the course, inquire about our one on one consulting services.

How long does it take to complete the entire series of Workshops?

Workshop 1 lasts 2 weeks, Workshop 2 lasts 4 weeks, and Workshop 3 is a one time 2 hour course.  So in seven weeks, you will have completed the Series.

Do you provide Tax or Legal advice?

No, I am neither a CPA nor an Attorney.  Our workshops focus on financial accounting and business planning.  Our advice to our clients and workshop attendees is to always consult a CPA and Attorney when starting your business.  They are your best resource for tax related and compliance issues.

Do I have to take all 3 Workshops?

No, the Workshops are designed to stand alone.  But taking the whole series will provide you with a well-rounded set of tools and a solid plan for managing your business.

What if I miss a Workshop session?

All of the Workshops are recorded, so you can watch the presentation later.  But I would urge you to make every effort to attend the live sessions, as you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other Farm Entrepreneurs.

What methods of payment are available?

Currently, PayPal is the only payment method available to pay for our Workshops.

Will taking your Workshops guarantee that my business will succeed?

Unfortunately, there are so many factors that determine success in business, that there can be no guarantees. Read the article The Seven Pitfalls of Business Failure and How to Avoid Them for some excellent tips on how to stack the odds in your favor.

Are there additional materials needed for the workshops?

There are no additional requirements for the Cost Accounting Workshop.

The Business Planning Workshop requires The One Page Business Plan Book which you will need to purchase separately. For your convenience, there is a link on on Workshop Requirements page.

The Quickbooks workshop requires you to have either Quickbooks Online or the Desktop version.

Is there a limit to the number of attendees per workshop?

Yes! We keep our classes small to be able to provide the individual attention. The limit is 30 attendees per workshop.

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