Accounting Is Fun, Really!

Accounting Is Fun

Accounting Is A Chore Most Farmers Would Rather Leave To Their Accountant

If you’re thinking of starting a farm business, the visions in your head are likely those of happy livestock and bountiful harvests.  Spreadsheets,  Accounting software and business plans are probably not what you’ve been dreaming of.  If your not a numbers person, just the thought of having to deal with the financial side of your business can cause some would be entrepreneurs to never get started.  Or worse yet, to start anyway, having never run the numbers to see if they can make a profit.  Starting your own business, requires a significant investment in time and money, and you want to do all you can to protect that investment.

Farmers Love Tools, And Accounting Is A Powerful One

In my Workshop: “Can I Earn A Profit With This Business?”,  students are learning by working with data from their research on their own business.  When you understand the basic concepts and have run a few scenarios testing different levels of production and seen the affect on profitability, it gets exciting.  As someone who loves teaching, I love to see the light-bulb go on for folks. When they realize that using these tools, they are not flying blind.  They have a plan, and as they gain knowledge and experience, they have the tools to adjust that plan to meet their evolving business goals. As business owners, when we are actively involved in managing the financial side of our businesses, we are able to quickly adjust to changes in the marketplace.  Developing a business plan is about creating your road-map to success.  Laying out your mission, vision, goals, strategies and plans.  Your vision is the dream, what you hope to create.  Your mission is the reason you want to create it.  Your goals are the things you want to accomplish that are measurable and actionable.  Strategies define your direction. Plans are the steps you will take to reach your goals.  Planning your business is like planning any journey.  When you know where you are going, and how you are going to get there, journeys are fun and exciting.  Even when they involve accounting!

A Great Example of Running the Numbers on Egg Production

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