Financial Planning for Farm and Garden Business
Financial Tools for Sustainable Business

My workshops are designed for farm entrepreneurs. Are you planning a market garden? A Nursery? A livestock operation? All workshop attendees are planning some form of farming related enterprise.  The platform provides the opportunity to collaborate with companies and start-ups just like yours.

Group Learning Workshops
Group Learning Made Easy

The workshop platform provides for breakout sessions where you will be grouped with others that are planning a similar enterprise (chickens, hogs, veggies etc.).  You will have the opportunity to share information on pricing and marketing strategies. Rest assured it’ll be easier with someone by your side. Like learning to dance!


Sustainable and Specif Business Advice
Build A Plan to Fit Your Farm Related Business

Success through interactive web-based workshops. We will go beyond the concepts to get things done.  You will do the research and complete the workshop with data that is relevant to your own business. The end result will be a plan that is unique to your specific business.

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